How To Tame Clutter

Oct 2, 2019 | Real Estate

Do you feel like your house is bursting at the seams? Are your drawers constantly open because they are too full to close? Do you have shelves stacked beyond capacity and cabinets you are afraid to open? Most of the world has been there or is there now. For some people, this is caused because you don’t take the time to put things where they belong. For others, maybe you just have too much stuff to find a place for everything. No matter the cause, clutter can be manager and, in many cases, time is all you need to handle it. Don’t ignore it because it definitely won’t go away on its own. Use these 3 tips to declutter your home.


You can’t do it all in a day and probably not even in a weekend so tackle a job you can handle in the amount of time you have to work. In an hour, you can do the linen closet or a small bathroom. If you have an entire afternoon, work on your closet or the kitchen. Carve out blocks of time that fit the space you are working on then stick with it until that area is done.


How much stuff are you holding on to that you never use or is broken? When you start decluttering, gather boxes and bags to put your donations in. If you don’t use it, you have outgrown it or it doesn’t work, find a new home for it by donating it to a worthwhile organization.


Now that you have purged, find a place for what is remaining. Hit up the store for organizers and containers to assist you in keeping things in their place and start sorting. If you can’t fit it all in your space, you have too much. If needed, purge some more then try organizing again.

Decluttering is a task you need to maintain regularly if you want things to stay that way. Whether you take five minutes a day to put things away or an hour each week, make sure your schedule includes time to keep your home neat and tidy.

The Peace You Will Find From A Clutter Free Home Will Bring Happiness To Your Life No Matter What. If You Are Thinking About Selling Your Home, Your Home Will Show Much Better When It Is Decluttered So This Is A Great Step To Prepare Your Home To Sell If That Is In Your Future

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