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Knowing Value Adds Value

There’s worth in knowing your property’s worth, provided it’s appraised with the accuracy and objectivity offered by Bermuda Realty’s Appraisal Team. Our meticulous, impartial appraisal of your property’s value actually can enhance your property’s value.

This is especially true when selling real estate. A precise appraisal of a property’s value can identify the asking price that weighs the costs of time-on-market against the revenue generated by the ultimate sale.

Arriving at that appraisal is both art and science. Our property appraisers consider factors both perceived and imperceptible, taking into account the tangible (such as number of bathrooms and bedrooms, recent upgrades and amenities such as pools and landscaping) and the intangible (such as market demand, prevailing interest rates and investors’ outlook).

Qualified Professionals

The quality of a Bermuda Realty property appraisal starts with the qualifications of the appraisers. While that would seem to follow, not everyone who offers appraisals possess any specific qualifications.

The law may not require formal certification, but Bermuda Realty does. Each appraiser on our Appraisal Team – the largest provider of appraisals in Bermuda – holds membership in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. And, we build on these qualifications with a rigorous course of in-house training.

What’s more, the Bermuda Realty Appraisal Team focuses exclusively on property appraisal. Team members do not sell real estate or engage in other functions which could cloud their judgment.

Actionable Market Intelligence

Training and experience prove especially valuable when comparing your property against Bermuda Realty’s Realty Plus© (Bermuda’s most comprehensive database of real estate transactions) and Spectre (Bermuda’s largest database of properties for sale).

The final result is a report that establishes current value compared to market availability. It includes clearly presented valuation rationale and relevant sales and listing comparables.

Plus, you’ll receive your report just seven days after the inspection.

Consummate Customer Service

The Bermuda Realty Appraisal Team’s dedication to client needs starts by providing access to the Appraisals Helpdesk which can answer questions about potential or existing properties. Also before beginning an appraisal, we offer an up-front quotation of the cost to appraise your property.

And for bank mortgage appraisals, we offer the Bermuda Realty Lending Appraisal Service providing appraisals guaranteed to move as fast as Bermuda’s real estate market.

Please complete the form below to get an accurate, objective appraisal of your property. Or call the Appraisals Helpdesk at 247-1831.

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