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For decades our team have been offering development advice to our clients. Whether it involves a new subdivision, residential, commercial or hospitality development, we have comprehensive industry knowledge and experience allowing us to create tailored solutions for your project.

Over the last 3 decades we have assisted established developers to create and market hundreds of millions of dollars of new real estate inventory in an advisory or agency capacity.

Our history of success speaks for itself


How we assist you to make informed decisions: From design stage to completion

  • Market research analysis and best use analysis: Actionable and accurate data assembled by our team of Chartered Valuation Surveyors, Sales and Marketing consultants
  • Residential and Commercial Feasibility and Pricing Analysis: From outline design advice to identifying the most profitable and marketable use and product
  • Land Surveys performed by Bermuda’s largest Land Surveying Team: Every development needs to ensure they have access to a land surveying team who can assist with the initial survey and establish accurate construction control points.

Our forward-thinking team is prepared to include additional services such as sales, marketing, and property management early in the development process to help manage development risks.



For 70 years, Bermuda Realty’s skilled team of professionals has offered land surveying and subdivision services to help clients maximise the value of their developments. They provide advice on subdivision configurations based on existing topographical features, the Bermuda Planning Statement, and market demand.

Our Land Surveying Team are pleased to have been involved with the following notable estates:

  • Pokiok Estate, Smiths – 35 Lots
  • Williams Estate, Smiths – 14 Lots
  • Sears Hill, Smiths – 13 Lots
  • Lamas Estate, Devonshire – 15 Lots
  • Valley Heights, Devonshire – 27 Lots
  • Earls Lane/Corrado, Smiths – 16 Lots
  • Riddell’s Bay, Warwick – 18 Lots


Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty’s (“CBBR”) Corporate Listing team offers all the resources needed to price residential lots and to prepare a marketing strategy focussed on maximizing exposure.

CBBR’s proprietary Sole Listing Seller Services Guarantee offers our clients the most comprehensive sales and marketing services supported by a largest, most experienced team of real estate agents on the island.



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